Our mega production facilities are capable of:
Printing 4.5 million meters per month

Dyeing 2.5 million meters per month Al-Abid is renowned for the finest printing in this part of the world and perhaps the only company that can print with such diversity using pigments, reactives, VATS, puff, flock, discharge & burnout print techniques in:
20 colors upto 75" width
16 colors upto 126" width.

State of the dyeing is possible in pigment, reactive & VAT dyes, beside finishes, various other treatments such as stain release, water repellant, fire retardant and crease recovery are possible.
Al-Abid operates one of the most modem back coating and flocking plants in the country with products like black out curtains, acrylic coated and flocked fabric for a highly specialized niche market. All our production facilities are adapted for printing, dyeing and finishing for jersey and man-made fibers.

Our processing equipment includes latest Rotary Printing Machines, Continuous Dyeing Ranges Thermosol and Pad Steam, Continuous Open width Bleaching ranges. Sanforizing, Mercerizing, Raising machines. Calendars, a Sueding Plant, Automatic Color Dispensing and Screen Engraving Equipment as well as a state-of-the-art Coating and Flocking Range.

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